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Business Planning

KB: Business Plan

[This Knowledge Base series will include our answers to select questions on and miscellaneous queries we get from our customers, partners and other interest groups.] How do I explain other people that making traditional business plans for early-stage startups is a waste of time?

Money Supply M1 M2 M3

Money Supply: Meaning, Types And Uses

Money supply or money stock is defined as the total or aggregate amount of currency and liquid instruments (cash, coins, checking & savings account balances, and any other liquefiable assets) existing in an economy at a given point in time.

Ransomware Protection

What To Do When Ransomware WannaCry or Peyta Attacks?

[The attacks are likely to recur. Bookmark this page or download the PDF version from] WannaCry ransomware requires the users to pay certain amount (~$300) in bitcoins to “unlock” the encrypted files and threatens to double the ransom in two days. If the demands...

Personal Finance Budget: Free Template

As per Investopedia, a financial budget is “An estimation of the revenue and expenses over a specified future period of time.” They are often helpful for an individual or entity which is involved in monetary transactions. From a student to the Government, everyone can benefit...

Silver Investment

9 Ways To Invest In Silver

Throughout the history, silver has closely followed gold in terms of popularity. It has never lost its sheen even after its discontinuance as a currency standard across various nations. Times of economic uncertainty and rising demand have been the key drivers of its price, more...

Silver Investment

Why Invest in Silver?

Similar to gold, silver is a precious metal that finds great use as a safe investment to hedge against inflation and economic turmoil. Silver is often known as the poor man’s gold. You can invest in bullion coins just like gold and in multiple other...

Credit Card Fraud

Guarding Against Credit Card Fraud

Even though credit cards offer extraordinary advantages for the buyers, making it possible to ‘buy now and pay later,’ they might not come without any downsides. The same quality of simplicity that they provide, also tends to expose them to various kinds of frauds and...

U.S. Economy 2010 Update

U.S. Economy 2010 Update

After going over a topsy-turvy path the U.S. economy seems to be stabilizing. Since early last year, the numbers had been discouraging that lead to the downgrade of growth expectations. However, the last quarter 2010 results have registered an impressive comeback, beating all previous forecasts...

Bonds: The Types of Yield

Bonds: The Types of Yield

In layperson terms, bonds are investments with fixed rate of return, unlike equity shares. This explains why bonds are often referred to as ‘fixed-income securities.’ The return on investment, in this parlance, is known as ‘yield.’ In the real terms, though the token rate of...

How to Calculate Quick Ratio

How to Calculate Quick Ratio

Liquidity ratios are used to measure an entity’s ability to fulfill its financial obligations in the short-term, i.e. they are measures of a firm’s liquidity. In layman terms, this translates into ready cash or instruments that can realize cash readily. Short-term here refers to a...


GDP Explained: The Expenditure Approach

You must have come across the term GDP growth as a barometer for economic growth of a nation. In layman terms, the higher this rate, the better the economy is believed to be performing and vice-versa. But, what is GDP? Gross Domestic Product, or GDP,...

Current Ratio Liquidity

Liquidity Ratios and Bank Overdrafts

Liquidity ratios are used to measure an entity’s ability to fulfill its financial obligations in the short-term, i.e. they are measures of a firm’s liquidity. Short-term here refers to a period of 12 months or less. Two of the most important liquidity ratios are the...

Gold Investment

A Quick Look At Why Gold Is A Great Investment

Updated: May 2016 Gold needs no introduction – a cherished commodity in some cultures and one of the most preferred investments, en said specially in turbulent times. If you are investing, take it as a long term value proposition, rather than a short term profit...