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GST Consulting

GST Registration Can Expand Your Business

The current Goods and Services Tax regime in India allows threshold based exemption from registration. Any business supplying goods or services worth less than ₹20 lac (₹10 lac for North-Eastern States) within state is exempt from enrolling under GST. This also implies that tax on...

Thin Capitalisation Norms

New Thin Capitalization Norms For Foreign Investors In India

Foreign investors in India adopt thinly capitalized or highly leveraged business structures. Thin capitalization implies a high debt-to-equity ratio, primarily designed to lower tax liability. The effective Dividend Distribution Tax rate in India is 20.36%, whereas, interest paid by a subsidiary to its foreign parent...

Patent Registration

Do You Really Need A Patent Lawyer?

You have an invention — something that would fill a need and make life easier. It might even make you some money, if you could get the exclusive right to manufacture it or sell the rights to it. In other words, you need a patent....


Will GST Lead To Inflation?

With the April 1, 2017 GST deadline fast approaching it is a race against time for the lawmakers, tax department and taxpayers alike. New developments are happening each day. The Goods and Services Tax Council has made the much anticipated move and decided on the...

Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association Differences

Difference Between Memorandum and Articles of Association

Unlike in case of Memorandum of Association (MOA), registration of the Articles of Association (AOA) is a non-binding requirement for a company. Section 5 of the Companies Act 2013 provides that the Articles of a company are to contain the rules and regulations for management....

Memorandum of Association

What is A Memorandum of Association

The Memorandum of Association (MOA) is a registered document containing all the legal data essentially required for the incorporation of a company and available to the public. Section 4 of the Companies Act 2013 describes the 5 clauses that must be included in the document....


New Procurement Norms and Fast-Track Exit Procedures

  It is mandatory for government departments and public sector units to procure at least 20% from the micro and small organizations. The rule that came into effect from April 1, 2015 was designed to create greater opportunities for micro and small enterprises (MSE). To...

Business Registration

Self-Certification for Startups

The Government has brought into effect most of promises regarding ease of doing business as laid out in the Startup India Action Plan. Apart from getting their businesses registered in one-day, startups can now self-certify on labor-related statutory compliances.

Business Registration

One-Day Company Registration

At the time of announcing the Startup India Action Plan and Budget 2016, the Government had promised to expedite business registration processes as a measure of improving ease of doing business. One-day business registration, after some initial technical glitches, has become a reality. Private companies,...

Patent Registration

Fast-track Patent Registration in India

India wants to establish itself as a patent registration hub, such that the startups from anywhere can register here. Towards this end, the Government has implemented a lot of intellectual property related proposals laid out in the Startup India Action Plan (Read here). The proposals...


GST For Ecommerce: What It Means

The Goods and Services Tax is soon going to be a reality in India. While the Government is still finalizing the rate and fleshing out the details, here is a look at what GST means for ecommerce, one of the biggest startup sectors. The Draft...

Patent Registration

What is A Patent?

The Indian law for patents is enshrined in the Patents Act, 1970 as amended by the Patent (Amendment) Rules, 2016. So what is a patent? A patent is an exclusive monopoly given by the Government to an inventor over his creation (innovation) for a limited...

Company formation

How To Choose Your Business Structure

If you are looking to start a new business, making your way through the legalities is the going to be the least interesting part. Though, you’ll do well to acknowledge that they actually form an essential part of initial business planning that converts your idea...

Startups Income Tax

10 Tax Announcements All Startups Should Know

Startups and MSMEs have caught the Government’s attention as potential sources of economic growth and employment generation in India. The Prime Minister rolled out Startup India Action Plan in January this year, indicating that the Government is serious towards creating an enabling environment for this...

Presumptive Taxation

How the Presumptive Scheme Taxes More Than the Actual Profits

Finance Bill 2016 has introduced section 44ADA to extend presumptive tax scheme to professionals. Opinions remain divided on whether 50% is too high a rate. Another implication of it has stumped partnership firms, where taxable profits end up more than the actual profits!

Presumptive Taxation

Budget 2016 Rationalizes Presumptive Tax Provisions

One of of the key challenges faced by the Government today is increasing the ease of doing business in India that will provide impetus to self-employment and instill confidence among the investor community. Presumptive taxation is one such provision in the Income Tax Act. If...

Income Tax 2017

Did Budget 2016 Snub Indian Taxpayers?

Budget 2016 has left behind a trail of disgruntled taxpayers with some strong pressure for rollback, particularly in case of EPF taxation. The measure in itself may not be “anti-people”, but the lack of clarity in budget speech definitely led to some misinterpretation and the...

Indian Budget 2016

Budget 2016-17 Key Tax Proposals

A quick look at 14 key tax proposals from Budget 2016, explained through infographics. Watch this space for more insights Website:

What Budget 2016 Might Bring For Startups and SMEs

What Budget 2016 Might Bring For Startups and SMEs

The Union Budget 2016 is expected to have a big focus on developing entrepreneurial ventures and supporting the existing micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). The Government shares the industry’s view that this segment will drive the future economic growth in a big way and...

Budget 2016 Individual Taxation Opinion Poll

Budget 2016 Individual Taxation Opinion Poll

The Budget session starts from February 23 and the rising cost of living is expected to figure strongly this year. Individuals expect to see a revision in various exemption limits and industry associations, like Assocham, are also highlighting areas where a change is overdue. Share...

Startup India Action Plan

Startup India Action Plan: Procurement Norms and Exit Provisions

Through its draft Startup India Action Plan, the Government has indicated its commitment towards a conducive ecosystem for startups. Continued from our previous post in this series, the new norms for eligible enterprises are as follows: Self-Certification for compliance (See Update) Mobile and web platforms...

Individual Taxpayers’ Expectations from Budget 2016

Individual Taxpayers’ Expectations from Budget 2016

The Budget Session 2016 will commence from February 29th and individual taxpayers are waiting with high hopes. While Finance Minister Arun Jaitely has already made it clear that it is not going to be a populist budget, revisions are expected in the areas where changes...

Startup India Action Plan

Startup India Action Plan: Intellectual Property Rights Support

Acknowledging the legal and infrastructural hurdles faced by startups, the Modi Government has announced some key initiatives through its flagship Startup India Action Plan. The proposed regulatory simplification for new ventures eligible under the Plan are: Self-Certification for compliance (See Update) Mobile and web platforms...

Startup India Action Plan

Startup India Action Plan: Simplified Legal Compliance

Speaking of startups, the Finance Minister said, “The more the sector becomes unregulated, the better it will be. One of the reasons why India became an important IT hub was because we had no laws governing it. The entire Startup India campaign is intended to...

Startup India Action Plan

Startup India Action Plan: Eligibility

It may be too early to comment upon how Startup India Action Plan will be put into practice – administratively and legally – but it is certainly a bold step forward in developing entrepreneurial initiative in India. That said, it is not free from contentious...

Indian Union Budget 2012: The Impact on Common Taxpayer

Indian Union Budget 2012: The Impact on Common Taxpayer

Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee indeed had a tough job doing the balancing act between macro economic factors and interests of the masses. However, Budget 2012 has come up particularly hard-hitting for the common man. While overall prices are likely to go up, tax reliefs are...

Indian Union Budget 2012: Individual Tax Survey

Indian Union Budget 2012: Individual Tax Survey

The eyeballs will be glued to the television in a short while from now, as India looks forward to its annual budget for FY 2012-13. Eurion Constellation conducted a survey of tax-related expectation of the average individual taxpayer. The results were enlightening with a good...

Indian Union Budget 2011: Tax Provisions

Indian Union Budget 2011: Tax Provisions

Union Budget 2011 was being approached by much curiosity and anxiety. FM Pranab Mukherjee presented the Budget for FY 2011-12 in the Parliament earlier today. As the provisions were rolled out, the Bill turned out to be a mixed bag. The FM had a tough...