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Hiring Business Development

We Are Hiring

Eurion Constellation is looking for seasoned Business Development Managers with client facing experience and good industry network. Send your resume` at

Excel Dashboards

Excel Dahsboard Basics

In the simplest terms, Microsoft Excel dashboards are condensed and mostly, visual representation of data sets, including but not limited to tables, charts and graphs. It is a visible display of the most crucial information needed to reach multiple objects, consolidated and arranged on an...


What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Not a very long time ago, the experts were still weighing the costs and merits of CSR. But, it is an established fact in today’s business environment that socially responsible organizations command higher respect and consequent benefits. In the broadest sense, Corporate Social Responsibility can...

Business Planning

KB: Business Plan

[This Knowledge Base series will include our answers to select questions on and miscellaneous queries we get from our customers, partners and other interest groups.] How do I explain other people that making traditional business plans for early-stage startups is a waste of time?

Startup Valuation

Startup Valuation Is Not That Important

If this title got you excited, you could be a fan of television shows or funding events, where unlimited money seems to be on offer and deals closing like some everyday bargain. The real world could be different, though.Once you have a prospective investor excited...

GST Consulting

GST Registration Can Expand Your Business

The current Goods and Services Tax regime in India allows threshold based exemption from registration. Any business supplying goods or services worth less than ₹20 lac (₹10 lac for North-Eastern States) within state is exempt from enrolling under GST. This also implies that tax on...

China Money Supply

Money Supply in China

The money supply statistics are important indicators of economic changes. They are used to assess the investment and general business environment in a country.Get more than 13 years of actual quarterly money supply data for China and bonus GDP data! Inclusions: Quarterly M0, M1 and...

Startups Entrepreneur

Biggest Reason Why Startups Succeed

Success in any business is a result of a number of factors arranged together optimally. However, some of these factors form the foundation without which other would not function. Idealab’s founder and CEO, Bill Gross shares his views on the key drivers of success and...

Thin Capitalisation Norms

New Thin Capitalization Norms For Foreign Investors In India

Foreign investors in India adopt thinly capitalized or highly leveraged business structures. Thin capitalization implies a high debt-to-equity ratio, primarily designed to lower tax liability. The effective Dividend Distribution Tax rate in India is 20.36%, whereas, interest paid by a subsidiary to its foreign parent...

Money Supply M1 M2 M3

Money Supply: Meaning, Types And Uses

Money supply or money stock is defined as the total or aggregate amount of currency and liquid instruments (cash, coins, checking & savings account balances, and any other liquefiable assets) existing in an economy at a given point in time.

Ransomware Protection

What To Do When Ransomware WannaCry or Peyta Attacks?

[The attacks are likely to recur. Bookmark this page or download the PDF version from] WannaCry ransomware requires the users to pay certain amount (~$300) in bitcoins to “unlock” the encrypted files and threatens to double the ransom in two days. If the demands...

China Money Supply

China Money Supply: 10 Year Data

Get authentic 10 year M0, M1, and M2 money supply data for China at 6% Discount!Money supply statistics help in setting a Central Bank’s policies, as well as, estimating the interest, inflation and economic cycles. Inclusions: Quarterly M0, M1 and M2 supply in Chinese economy...

We Have Changed Our Logo

We Have Changed Our Logo

Registered under Indian laws, Eurion Constellation a consultancy and research firm serving businesses in U.S., Europe and India.The research services have a global reach with focus on industry / economic research, financial modeling & analysis, equity research, valuations and report writing. The consulting wing in...

Market Research

Why Do You Need Market Research?

Before you pick up the telephone and start dialing arbitrary numbers or hurrying out there and informing individuals about what you would like to sell them, you must first determine who would like to be your audience. This is the segment of the total market...

Break-even Point

Break-Even Point And Increased Profitability

Your break-even point is probably one of the most effective pieces of info when controlling the stresses your company’s profitability. Let’s start with an easy definition: break-even point is the amount of sales that you need to generate to cover your entire variable and fixed...


7 Times You Should Start A Business

[Firstly, warmest new year wishes to all our customers, readers, and the extended Eurion family] In my experience as a business consultant, the single most important attribute of an entrepreneur is the aptitude – natural or developed. Aptitude is the biggest facilitator of success and...

Market Size

4 Facts About Market Sizing

Whether you are an entrepreneur writing a business plan or a recognized firm seeking to introduce a new product or service, you will need to estimate the size of the market you plan to serve. Easy as it may sound, this is the trickiest and...

Patent Registration

Do You Really Need A Patent Lawyer?

You have an invention — something that would fill a need and make life easier. It might even make you some money, if you could get the exclusive right to manufacture it or sell the rights to it. In other words, you need a patent....


Will GST Lead To Inflation?

With the April 1, 2017 GST deadline fast approaching it is a race against time for the lawmakers, tax department and taxpayers alike. New developments are happening each day. The Goods and Services Tax Council has made the much anticipated move and decided on the...

Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association Differences

Difference Between Memorandum and Articles of Association

Unlike in case of Memorandum of Association (MOA), registration of the Articles of Association (AOA) is a non-binding requirement for a company. Section 5 of the Companies Act 2013 provides that the Articles of a company are to contain the rules and regulations for management....